Capturing Moments: OCMS at 40

40th Anniversary Cake

A Look Back at our 40th Anniversary Festivities

We are delighted to share a collection of memories from the celebratory gathering marking the 40th anniversary of OCMS. This auspicious occasion, attended by 140 guests over three eventful days, was a profound reminder of our rich heritage and the vibrant community we’ve built together. Our photo gallery invites you on a delightful journey through these days of celebration and reflection.

Our diverse alumni, spanning various epochs of OCMS, converged with current scholars, staff, and friends, shared stories and experiences that highlight the depth and breadth of our community.

These behind the scenes photos highlight the many activities on the day. The energy was palpable, with the buzz of conversation and the exchange of ideas resonating through the air. This gathering wasn’t just a celebration of 40 years gone by; it was a reaffirmation of our ongoing commitment to scholarship, faith, and the pursuit of knowledge for a better world.

Whether you were with us in person or are joining in reminiscence, these memories are a testament to our enduring legacy and the bright future that lies ahead for our global community.

Some Memories of the Day

OCMS - 40thth -Speec
OCMS 40th Anniversary-speeches
OCMS-40th reception
OCMS-40th - singer
OCMS-40th anniversary -- mass
OCMS - 40th anniversary- musicians
OCMS -anniversary- harpist

Some Powerful Testimonials of the Day

OCMS alumni from various corners of the world convened in Oxford to exchange their stories. We’ve recorded numerous of these interactions on video, and we’ll be enriching this page with these insights. Stay tuned for updates.

Rula Khoury Mansour 
Nazareth Center for Peace Studies
OCMS – 2012-2017
Dr. Elisama Daniel
OCMS – 2013-2023
Narareth Center for Peac Studie

Rula is a lawyer and a theologian, she serves as an independent co nflict resolution specialist and is the Director of Peace Studies at Nazareth Evangelical College, Israel. She spoke eloquently about how her PhD equipped her with a deeper understanding of reconciliation theology that underpins her work. We pray that her work continues and bears fruit in these troubled times for the Middle East. 
You can find out more at: 
Nazareth Centre for Peace Studies

View of South Sudan Scholar

Elisama, the dedicated Executive Director of Across in South Sudan since 2015, has helped steer the organisation through challenging transitions amidst his country’s turmoil. His commitment to a Christ-centered, holistic response in partnership with local churches and organizations is bolstered by his academic journey at OCMS, where he explored the pivotal role of the church in defending the common good during turbulent times in a nations birth.
You can find out more about Elisama’s work at: 
Across – South Sudan

You can read a short extract of Elisama’s thesis, among other recent OCMS PhD graduates here

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For Knowledge of God

Written by our founders and leaders, this book offers a unique, personal perspective on OCMS and its history, detailing the remarkable story of how a vision turned into a reality. From finding an ideal building to rallying funds and support, it chronicles four decades of dedication to serving scholars and shaping mission studies. As we celebrate this milestone, the book casts a hopeful look towards a sustainable future. Accompanied by vivid anecdotes and insights, this is a must-read for anyone interested in the legacy and ongoing impact of OCMS. You can get your copy here


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