An important part of our purpose at OCMS is to disseminate knowledge on mission- orientated research and scholarship to the global church. One way of doing this is through our publications.

Regnum Books

Regnum Books is the book publishing arm of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.

Our books are the fruit of rigorous research concerned with the faithful witness of the church-in-mission, in all its rich diversity. Our books seek to bring authentic Christian engagement in the transformation of people and societies throughout the world and seek to bring the voices of academics and practitioners together in prophetic dialogue.

Regnum Books are committed not simply to rigorous academic research and scholarship but to connecting this to church leaders and mission practitioners – serving the whole people of God. The capability and capacity for mission research remains heavily weighted towards North America, Europe, and a few other centres globally, and we believe there is still much to be done to hear and amplify the diverse voices of the whole church. Regnum Books has a part to play in this. We do this in a number of ways:

  • Though our partnership with Fortress books and the commitment to localised publishing and distribution in Asia, Africa, and Latin America
  • Through our partnership with the Perlego platform, to make our books accessible in places where this is still very difficult and especially so in much of Africa
  • Focusing on publishing books originating from the majority world. For example our ‘Global Voices’ series is written by authors giving different perspectives on mission and theology specifically arising from Africa, Asia and Latin America.
The purpose of Regnum Books are reflected in the following series:
  • Studies in Mission focuses on issues with which the global church struggles, providing a platform for mission scholars and practitioners, particularly from Asia, Africa and Latin America, to speak to the global church for faithful witness in mission.
  • Edinburgh Centenary series is a global collection of contributions from every part of the world, across denominations about global concerns.
  • Global Voices is a series of books written by theologians and practitioners in the majority world, translated into English, giving voice to those who have been engaged in God’s mission for many decades, but whose voices have not yet been heard in much of the world.
  • Mini Books is a new series of user-friendly, short, punchy books, shortened from previously published academic texts to make research results on mission more easily available to the wider church.
  • Practitioner Series seeks to bring practitioners and academics together, bridging the gap between Christian leaders, mission practitioners and Christian researchers.
  • Handbooks are reference books that bring together the latest contextual thinking from all denominations, continents, cultures and churches on its subject, presenting landmark works which will stand the test of time.


Introduction to Regnum Books

Transformation Journal

Our peer reviewed journal, published four times a year, works at the cutting edge in the application of biblical faith to the world, with a special emphasis on the Majority World.