10 October 2023

Learning from Orthodoxy: The Cult of Saints in the Ethiopian Orthodox Täwaḥǝdo Church

Overview Ethiopia is one of the countries where Christianity was introduced before the schism of the one Christian Church. Its ancient civilisation was closely associated with Christianity, which strongly shaped the socio-cultural views and habits of its people, including the veneration of saints. In this session, Calum goes into more detail and cites examples.

Speaker Rev. Calum Samuelson

3 October 2023

Christian Imagination in Prayer – Themes in a Medieval Prayer Book

Overview Our speakers present an Ethiopian prayer book from the Middle Ages that's still in use today. This remarkable prayer book, dedicated to the Holy Trinity and its miracles, serves as a faithful guide with daily scripture readings and prayers written by saints and patriarchs. Through the insights of our presenters, the lecture explores how this treasured tool offers a window into Ethiopian religious development.

Speaker Dr Ralph Lee and Rev Calum Samuelson

26 September 2023

Unmuting the Language of my Body through Fitness

Overview Ashleigh's approach is rooted in a profound faith. She intertwines spirituality into her healing techniques, guiding trauma afflicted women not only towards rebuilding their lives but also rekindling a connection with God. Ashleigh's dedication stems from her work with grassroots organizations and her personal conviction to the divine calling she feels.

Speaker Ashleigh Gibb

About the speaker Ashleigh Gibb has devoted her life to empowering survivors of abuse, with a specific emphasis on trafficked women. Drawing from her deep experience spanning five years in Bangkok and her current engagement at a safe house in California, Ashleigh taps into the transformative power of fitness, nutrition, and trauma-sensitive exercise.