New Scholars Fueled for the Guided Research Journey

GRP Group with OCMS staff

The Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS) recently welcomed a new cohort of research scholars into its Guided Research Programme (GRP). These scholars began their journey with the Oxford Programme for Research Induction (OPRI), an immersive series of workshops, discussions, and activities designed to prepare them for their upcoming research projects.

The OPRI provides a holistic foundation, combining academic rigor with spiritual nourishment. Participants explored thought-provoking readings, engaged with online videos, and took part in stimulating class discussions on research methods and theological investigation. These intellectual exercises were complemented by times of prayer, informal chapel gatherings, and the fostering of an enriching community among the scholars.

One of the core aims of the OPRI is to ensure researchers are well-equipped not just with theoretical knowledge, but with practical skills for carrying out robust academic research. Working closely with personal tutors, scholars receive ongoing guidance and access to a wealth of resources throughout their research journey.

The scholars found the OPRI process incredibly valuable, with many highlighting how helpful it was to be in residency, allowing them to form supportive networks and lasting friendships with their fellow researchers. One scholar who joined online was still able to fully participate. The OCMS community wishes this cohort all the best as they now undertake their guided research, and looks forward to welcoming them back for future residencies.

The OPRI lays the groundwork for OCMS researchers to undertake insightful studies that work towards reconciling our world with the wisdom of the Christian faith. This spiritual and academic grounding will empower the new cohort as they embark on their guided research endeavours.

You can read here the very personal experience of an earlier GRP scholar about his OPRI experience at OCMS.

The OCMS Guided Research Programme is led by Mark Oxbrow and you can find out more about the programme and how to apply.


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