David Emmanuel Singh

Included here are some cases that highlight exceptional behaviour under the novel coronavirus (CV) pandemic that cuts across religious boundaries. The Christian cases were drawn from the United States and South Korea; Islamic cases were drawn both from India and Iran; and the Hindu and Sikh cases were highlighted from India. Of these, notably, Iran is a declared theocracy, whereas the United States and India are arguably contexts of rising Christian and Hindu theocracies. We are familiar with the evidence of the positive role of religions in society. This paper brings together exceptional cases where irrationality, control and selfishness trump wisdom and altruism. The evidence highlighted here shows that people are capable of suspending reason and behaving with a motive inspired by faith (often tarnished by the state’s intervention), even when it is clear there might be serious personal and social costs involved.

Singh DE. Practice of Faith under COVID-19: Exceptional Cases. Transformation. 2020;37(4):306-316. doi:10.1177/0265378820969729