OCMS exists to convene practitioners, scholars and leaders in creative and prophetic dialogue, and one way we do this is by fostering spaces where scholarship and practice interface for mutual learning.

Hosting and participating in conferences, whether in Oxford or in other settings, is an important way in which we seek to fulfil this part of our vision. We always do this in partnership with other institutions, organisations and networks. Watch this space for future conferences & consultations.


Back to Orality

OCMS had the privilege of hosting a consultation in September 2019: ‘Back to Orality: Embodying Jesus in a post-textual Europe’. Back to Orality drew academics, church leaders and people from the mission community to learn how to embody the love and message of Christ in primarily oral communities.

Beyond the Boundaries

Beyond the Boundaries was a 3-day conference, bringing together theologians and practitioners from across the globe to explore a new direction in Missiology. How does the area of intellectual disability challenge us to go Beyond the Boundaries in our understanding and practice of the gospel and church communities? This consultation sought to initiate an innovative forum, bringing together Disability Theology and Missiology to explore the dynamic of a Disability Missiology, and to facilitate a global network for future discussion and action.

INFEMIT Stott-Bediako Forum

The 2018 Stott-Bediako Forum explored biblical responses to different types of conflicts in each of our cultural, social, historical and political contexts, with a special emphasis on current realities within Asia.

This forum was hosted by INFEMIT (the International Fellowship for Mission as Transformation)  in partnership with Micah Global, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Asian Theological Seminary, and regional fellowships across the world.