The countdown is on……

Celebration Baloons

A week from now our 40th anniversary celebrations begin. Today we focus on beginnings.

The Bible describes God’s relationship with his people in different ways, one of which is covenant. Almighty God chooses to enter into an agreement of faithfulness, loyalty, and mutuality with his rebellious creatures. Although God has no need of human partners in his work, he genuinely invites our participation. He provides ALL the resources, yet takes our contribution seriously.

So, it is that we celebrate God’s faithfulness and generosity while at the same time honouring the availability, vision, passion, perseverance and faith of OCMS’ founders. The landmark Lausanne Consultation on World Evangelisation in 1974 brought to evangelical global consciousness divergent views of mission theology and praxis, with leaders from the Majority World challenging Western assumptions. Many of those Majority world leaders related together in what was to become INFEMIT.

In Bangalore, India, Vinay Samuel was developing the concept of holistic mission in the slums that neighboured his church. In 1978, Vinay invited Chris Sugden, then teaching in the Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, to join him. At the same time, they were involved in the emerging work of TAFTEE – The Association for Theological Education by Extension. Within INFEMIT, ideas for the theological education of Christin leaders from the Majority World were beginning. The stage was set for the founding of OCMS.

You can read about what happened in the celebration book we have published. For now, I simply want to acknowledge how God prepared the way for OCMS through two men, and their families, committed to pursuing God’s mission in their generation. Why? So that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God.

Join us online to celebrate the past and hear about the future of mission studies and the opportunities ahead for OCMS.


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