Research Impact: Shaping the Future of Clergy Formation

Research Knowledge into action

A Tale of Success

Research can indeed ignite change, and the story of a dedicated OCMS Guided Research scholar provides a compelling testament to this. This scholar, lets call him Peter, works in Nigeria. A parish priest and theology lecturer, he took on the challenge of revitalizing the spiritual fervor of future clergy. Observing a dampened evangelical zeal among ordinands post-theological education, he proposed integrating Benedictine spiritual formation into the curriculum to enhance both theological knowledge and missional engagement.

Despite interruptions due to the global pandemic and local unrest, the scholar’s commitment did not waver. His innovative research culminated in a proposed curriculum revision for his theological college. The significance of his work reached the General Synod of the Church in his home country, prompting the establishment of a committee to consider reforms across all theological institutions.

The partial acceptance of his curriculum recommendations marks a significant stride toward enriching theological education with a more profound spiritual and missional foundation. It is a vivid demonstration of the impact scholarly research can have on institutional transformation and, ultimately, on the lives of millions. This story echoes the ethos of OCMS: to foster research that resonates with real-world relevance and transformational potential.

More About Guided Research

The Guided Research Programme (GRP) is a flexible, research-based (non-taught) programme which provides an opportunity for individuals to reflect, explore, investigate and produce a significant and meaningful research output, at their own speed and under the guidance of a personal tutor. Entry is at either pre- or post-doctoral level with a minimum requirement of an MA (or MA-equivalent) qualification. The GRP can be undertaken part- or full-time over a period from 3 to 36 months. More details here, or contact us to register your interest.


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