PhD Research Bearing Fruit in Malaysia

OCMS is delighted to hear from our scholar, Eva Wong, of her recent appointment. She tells us how it came about.

On 29 July, I received an invitation from the Executive Committee of the Assemblies of God of Malaysia to be part of a newly established AG Theological Commission which functions as a think-tank for AG Malaysia. The leadership recognises the need for the Pentecostal movement to begin ‘self-theologising’ and to provide theological responses to current issues in the local context. The theological commission will meet four times a year. Its purpose and responsibilities are to compile resources, prepare study papers, propose research topics, and publish approved papers and research.

I am truly grateful to OCMS for equipping and shaping me as a scholar and a servant of God for His kingdom through this PhD journey of theological research. My thesis on Pentecostalism and practical theology is entitled, ‘Contextual Pentecostalism from a Classical Pentecostal Movement to a Contemporary Pentecostal Church Movement: A Study of the Assemblies of God of Malaysia with Special Reference to Joel 2:28-32.’ The significance of this research is to understand the changes of the universality of classical Pentecostalism in the process of contextualisation in the Malaysian socio-cultural and religious context from a historical perspective, and how the Assemblies of God of Malaysia from a Classical Pentecostal Movement towards the new identity of a ‘Contemporary Pentecostal Church Movement’ can continue to be a cutting edge movement in missions and Pentecostal spirituality in the twenty-first century. Throughout the years of studying, I have been praying for this research to be a blessing and contribution to His service. Indeed, God answers prayers and prepares the way forward.

I am filled with immense reverence to God for the essential tasks He has called me to do. Respectfully, I wish to quote Dr Thomas Harvey, ‘This is an important appointment, and know that our blessings and prayers come with this important work.’

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