Orthodox and Evangelical scholars find commonality in Discipleship

“It is in living out our covenantal union in Christ, loving one another in the tension of our differences, that the world will believe and know that the Father lovingly sent the Son”, writes Jay Matenga, Director, Missions and Evangelism with the World Evangelical Alliance, as he commends a new book from Regnum Press. He continues, “With great care, theological rigour, and vulnerability these ancient truths are developed afresh for our contemporary context in Living the Gospel …. For the era of God’s mission before us, I implore you to read it.
Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Orthodox and Evangelical Approaches to Discipleship and Christian Formation, published this month by Regnum Press, is co-edited by Mark Oxbrow, OCMS Director of Guided Studies Programme, and includes a contribution from Dr. Ralph Lee who leads the OCMS Orthodox project.
This volume of essays on contemporary discipleship has grown out of the Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative, a joint venture, launched after the Lausanne Congress (Cape Town 2010), which brings together leading Orthodox and Evangelical thinkers around a focus on the Mission of God. The book moves from an Orthodox understanding of the Gospel, through processes of discipleship and formation in both traditions, with a focus on teaching the Bible, on to a discussion of discipleship at the margins and in Africa, ending with a reflection on mission and martyrdom.
Contributors from around the world include Dr Rosalee Velloso Ewell, Dr. Bradley Nassif, Archpriest Michael Oleksa, Dr. Chris Wright, Tekletsadik Belachew, Dr David Lyons, Dr. Irini Rhabet, Fr. Luke Venonis and Professor N T Wright. The book comes with an extensive bibliography of works, from both Christian traditions, on discipleship.
The volume is available from the OCMS publishing house, Regnum Books at Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Mark Oxbrow


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