OCMS Alumni Impacting the World

Dejan Azdajic is a professor at Kollegium, Germany. He teaches and trains young people and is also involved in church planting and various other ministries.

An adjunct professor in mission theology and practice in the US, Joni Wise continues to do fundraising for her small non-profit charity, which helps 350 kids in Vietnam and Cambodia go to school. After being away for two years, she now has a plane ticket to go back to Cambodia and hopefully Vietnam in early January.

Having done action research on helping people out of poverty with microfinance, Irene Banda has set up an anchor farm which has more than 200 smallholder farmers. The intention is to train the farmers to produce for both the local and international markets. Irene is also having conversations with local church leaders to provide critical leadership in these communities. The hope is that other farmers can come and learn from this model farm. In addition to her busy microfinance work, Irene also teaches Biblical Economics and Master Planning at a local Bible college.

Catherine Nyameino continues to serve as the Communications Director for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Kenya and therefore handles all the communication and public relations. In October 2018, she was invited to Washington DC as the guest speaker for a Communications Conference and had the privilege of speaking to over 600 delegates. She also had the opportunity to give a lecture at Washington Adventist University and spoke at several worship services. Catherine has completed the manuscript of a book entitled “Communicating God in Everyday Practice: Guidelines for Christian Communicators”. She trains communication leaders at her sub-organizations and local churches and preaches as regularly as she has opportunity.


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