Unmuting the Language of my Body through Fitness

26 Sep 2023

Unmuting the Language of my Body through Fitness

Overview Ashleigh's approach is rooted in a profound faith. She intertwines spirituality into her healing techniques, guiding trauma afflicted women not only towards rebuilding their lives but also rekindling a connection with God. Ashleigh's dedication stems from her work with grassroots organizations and her personal conviction to the divine calling she feels.

Speaker Ashleigh Gibb

About the speaker Ashleigh Gibb has devoted her life to empowering survivors of abuse, with a specific emphasis on trafficked women. Drawing from her deep experience spanning five years in Bangkok and her current engagement at a safe house in California, Ashleigh taps into the transformative power of fitness, nutrition, and trauma-sensitive exercise.


Step into her journey, and become a partner in a vision that aspires to help female survivors realise their fullest potential. Join us in ensuring every woman can be all she was created to be.

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