Insights and Innovations from the 2024 ECTE Conference in Albania

In March 2024 Anne Moseley was able to take part in the annual conference of European Council for Theological Educations (ECTE), this year in Albania. Through its activities, the ECTE contributes to the continuous enhancement of the quality of higher theological education in Europe and the Middle East.

The conference theme was Micro-Credentials and over the weekend we were encouraged to reimagine teaching and learning opportunities through new and innovative ways by breaking down learning into smaller units. The programme included informational presentations, workshops, and times for more reflective appreciation of some of the complex issues we face cross the institutions represented.

One of the highlights of the weekend was meeting up with fellow members of the OCMS community. It was good to catch up with Dr Melody Wachsmuth and hear about her work amongst the Roma community in Croatia and beyond. Hervin Fushikati was there alongside many of those working at International School of Theology and Leadership (ISTL). which is such an exciting and energising school equipping young Christians in Albania. Walid Zailaa and his wife Rana, who are heavily involved with work of ECTE, were also there from ABTS in Lebanon. It was a reminder of the extraordinary people we work with here at OCMS.

You can read Melody Wachmuth’s PhD story at OCMS here.


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