Feedback on the Integrated Mission Leadership Programme

An OCMS faculty member, Dr Guichun Jun, attended the IML, and here is what he says about the programme… 

It was a great privilege for me to participate in the first cohort group of IML (Integrated Mission Leadership) for several reasons.

Firstly, the programme was well designed by the senior faculty who were experts in the four aspects (Mission, Spiritual Formation, Organisational Development and Leadership Development). After completion of the four modules, I am convicted that this is a timely programme to nurture global mission leaders and to transform mission structure in order to spread God’s timeless truth effectively in rapidly changing contexts globally and locally. The four modules created spaces for all the participants to understand as to how we can integrate God’s timeless truth into spiritual formation developed in our own traditions, leadership and organisational development in the contemporary mission context.

Secondly, the programme enabled me to understand God’s mission from the global perspective and to act locally to transform it through practical applications of leadership and organisational development. It was a significant learning curve for me as we together analyse the trends and characteristics of the contemporary mission in the era of post-Christendom and to anticipate the preferable narratives in mission from the global perspective. This naturally led us to analyse the problematic situations in the current models of mission and to transform them first in our local mission engagements.

Thirdly, it was a time of transformational growth which provided me with opportunities to reflect on and assess my leadership journey in light of the four aspects. In particular, I was challenged to be a godly catalyst to contribute positively to fostering a culture of care and peace through self-differentiation to separate my emotions and thoughts from others while still being connected. In particular, it was very useful for me to understand the concept of self-awareness and use of self to be a useful means for the social and spiritual well-being of OCMS. I was tremendously blessed by the sessions of spiritual formation to understand and experience the un-anxious presence of God in troubles caused by both internal issues and external forces within an organisational setting.

Finally, I experienced immeasurable riches of blessings by encountering and having fellowship with these global leaders for their unquenchable passion for God’s mission and unshakable allegiance to Christ. I deeply appreciate them for their generative conversations and diverse perspectives from their rich experience in mission. This first cohort of IML will remain connected to develop a learning community to share our journeys together in God’s mission continually.

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