African Healing Shrines and Cultural Psychologies


Matthew Michael and Umar Habila Dadem Danfulani (eds)

African healing shrines are the cultural powerhouses of African spiritualities, the creative  sites for the animated transmissions of African metaphysics, and the therapeutic spaces for ethnomedical encounters. In modern times, the ethno-constructs of wellness in African healing shrines have fundamentally shaped the distinct identities, worldviews, and practices of African Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa. Situated within these different trajectories, the book, African Healing Shrines and Cultural Psychologies—presents a pioneering work on the ethnopsychology of African healing spaces and its strategic influence in the contemporary constructs and negotiations of African sacred geography.  Since African Christianity towers now—as the “new global face” of World Christianity—and the defining face of the “Next Christendom”, there is the urgent need to engage the active conversations of African Christianity in direct relationship to the larger therapeutic background of African healing shrines.