Baroness Cox visits OCMS and Shines Light on Persecuted Christians Worldwide

Baroness Cox seated in front of her laptop

Recently we were honoured to have Baroness Caroline Cox visit and speak at our chapel service. Baroness Cox is a longtime advocate for raising awareness about Christian persecution around the world, and a long-time friend and supporter of OCMS.

With a powerful multimedia presentation, Baroness Cox reminded us that while the plight of Christians in places like Palestine and Gaza rightfully receives attention, there are many other countries where Christians face severe persecution that often goes unnoticed. She gave us a run through of some of her experiences of some of the countries most afflicted.

Baroness Cox founded the humanitarian aid charity HART (Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust) in 2004 to give a voice to the unheard and shine a light on intolerance worldwide. They work with strategic local partners. As an independent member of the UK House of Lords and former chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, she has been tireless in using her platform to advocate for opressed Christians.

What makes Baroness Cox’s work so impactful is her willingness to visit conflict zones firsthand to bear witness and document the atrocities occurring there. She shared stories of her witness in places like Nagorno-Karabakh, Sudan, Nigeria, Uganda, Myanmar and Indonesia – often including personal and heart wrenching stories.

By partnering with courageous local organisations in these regions, HART aims to not just provide relief aid, but find ways to create sustainable development and empowerment for persecuted communities.

Baroness Cox’s chapel presentation was a sobering reminder of both the severity of anti-Christian persecution globally, and the moral imperative for people of conscience to have their eyes open to these injustices. We are grateful for her lifetime of advocacy work, and for using her voice to elevate the voiceless.


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