Discipleship in a Digital Age

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Guichun Jun

The State of Discipleship in a Digital Age

Welcome to the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’

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Guichun Jun
Yoido Pentecostal Research Tutor
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Book Review Editor: Transformation

The digital age has profoundly impacted nearly every aspect of our lives, including how we approach discipleship in the church. In this thought-provoking article, published by the Lausanne Movement, Guichun Jun and his co-authors explore the state of discipleship in our increasingly digital world.

They examine both the opportunities and challenges that technologies like the internet, social media, and AI present for cultivating disciples of Jesus. While acknowledging the church’s sluggish response thus far, the authors highlight the democratizing potential of digital tools to decentralize information sharing and overcome geographic barriers.

At the same time, they warn against letting these technologies displace embodied practices at the heart of spiritual formation. Discipleship requires more than passive consumption – it demands friction, accountability, and a countercultural rejection of the values of efficiency and ease.

Looking ahead to 2050, the authors envision a future where questions of identity and purpose loom large, and where the church can offer the good news of belonging to God’s global family. But realizing this vision will require great wisdom in leveraging digital resources for discipleship without being misshapen by them.

The article concludes by identifying key voices and perspectives from across the Lausanne Movement that must be brought together to chart a faithful path forward. From business and technology experts to theologians and disability advocates, an interdisciplinary dialogue is crucial for discipling our digital age.

To explore these vital issues in depth, readers can access the full article here. A PDF version is also available for download. (Click link above).

The Other Co-Authors

Dr Dave Benson is a leading thinker and researcher on the role of faith in 21st Century Western culture. 

Natasha Edwards is Pastor for Discipleship and Communities at Venture Church in the UK.

Eva Nappier is the Digital Evangelism and Discipleship Strategist at the Luis Palau Association

About the Lausanne Gathering

This compelling analysis on discipleship in the digital age was commissioned as part of The State of the Great Commission Report – one of three groundbreaking documents shaping the forthcoming Fourth Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization in Seoul-Incheon 2024, a catalytic global gathering aimed at advancing the gospel through disciple-making churches, Christ-like leaders, and kingdom impact across all spheres of society.

Members of OCMS Faculty including Paul Bendor-Samuel and Marina Behera will be attending the gathering in Korea in September. Get in touch if you would like to arrange to meet OCMS at the event.