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December 2017

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Thomas Harvey


Munther Isaac, OCMS Alumnus and Dean of Bethlehem Bible College


Dr Ronald Boyd-MacMillan, Director of Strategic Research for Open Doors International


LECTURE: Munther Isaac, OCMS Alumnus and Dean of Bethlehem Bible College

5 December 2017 11:00
how Palestinian Christians read the biblical promises of the land

LECTURE: Dr Ronald Boyd-MacMillan, Director of Strategic Research for Open Doors International

12 December 2017 11:00

LECTURE: Benno Van Den Torren

30 January 2018 11:00
The wind blows where it chooses: criteria for discerning the activity of the Holy Spirit in other religious traditions

LECTURE: Tom Simpson

6 February 2018 11:00
Reasonable Trust in John’s Gospel

LECTURE: Robert Heimburger

13 February 2018 11:00
Migrants as aliens, missionaries as aliens

LECTURE: Naomi Richman of Oxford University

20 February 2018 11:00
To Believe or Not to Believe: Post-Secular Ethnography and the Study of Global Christianity

LECTURE: Workshop: OCMS as organisation

27 February 2018 10:00 to 13:00
OCMS community only

LECTURE: Workshop: Organisational design and capability

6 March 2018 10:00 to 13:00
OCMS community only

LECTURE: Workshop: Organisational culture and simple rules

20 March 2018 10:00 to 13:00
OCMS community only

LECTURE: Workshop: Change and transition

27 March 2018 10:00 to 13:00
OCMS community only

LECTURE: Dr Michael Burdett of the University of Oxford, Wycliffe Hall

3 April 2018 11:00
Missio Dei in a Technological World

LECTURE: Vinay Samuel, Director of Oxford Centre for Religion in Public Life

10 April 2018 11:00
‘Challenges of Public Theology: a non-western perspective'

LECTURE: Andy Hartropp

17 April 2018 11:00
'Corporate Executive Pay and Biblical Economic Justice'

LECTURE: Richard Higginson, Ridley Hall Cambridge University

24 April 2018 11:00
'Faith, Mission and Entrepreneurship'

LECTURE: Atuallah Siddiqui: Visiting Professor at the University of Gloucestershire and Visiting Fellow at York St. John’s University

1 May 2018 11:00
Muslim Perceptions of Christianity in India 1757 - 1947

LECTURE: Hephzibah Israel: Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies, School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures

8 May 2018 11:00
Translating the Bible in Colonial South India: the Prose vs Poetry Debate

LECTURE: Dibyesh Anand: Head of the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Westminster in London

15 May 2018 11:00
Can Indian Democracy Survive Hindu Nationalism? Challenges for Religious Minorities

LECTURE: David Singh: OCMS Faculty

22 May 2018 11:00
Shaping Hinduism for the reconversion of Indian Christians: A case from the nineteenth century collected works of Pundit Lekhramji

LECTURE: Jim Harries, a missionary in Africa since 1988. PhD Theology (Uni. of Birmingham, UK). Chair of the Alliance for Vulnerable Mission. Author of various books, including African Heartbeat: and a Vulnerable Fool. Author of numerous articles.

29 May 2018 11:00
Race and Mission Intertwined: some challenges from Africa

LECTURE: Bishop Michael Nazir Ali

5 June 2018 11:00
Why should Christians be active in public life?

LECTURE: Marcelo Vargas

19 June 2018 11:00
Primal Latin America: the Aymara Neopentecostals

LECTURE: Alison Ruth Kolosova

26 June 2018 11:00
A 19th century Russian precedent for contemporary theologies of inculturation?

LECTURE: Kyama Mugambi

27 June 2018 14:00
Religion, leadership and social transformation among youth in Africa

LECTURE: Lionel Young

3 July 2018 11:00
Missionary Moratorium or More Missionaries?: the Moratorium Debate Re-examined for Contemporary Mission Methodologies

LECTURE: Roy Musasiwi

10 July 2018 11:00
Contextual realities of Zimbabwe


17 July 2018 11:00
a special session to introduce new developments to enhance student learning on the Virtual Learning Environment

LECTURE: Hae Won Kim

24 July 2018 11:00
a two part NVivo Training Session

LECTURE: Ben Knighton

31 July 2018 11:00
mastering the necessary skills through the PhD journey

LECTURE: David Singh

11 September 2018 11:00
Speaking from Experience: Comparing Mahdawi and Pentecostal approaches to Equipment for Mission

LECTURE: Michael Nazir Ali

18 September 2018 11:00
Christian-Muslim Relations Down the Ages 2

LECTURE: Jason C. Boyd

25 September 2018 11:00
'The Naked Preacher' (Action research as a way of doing theology).

LECTURE: Dr Guichun Jun

2 October 2018 11:00
A methodological journey: From AR to Ethnography

LECTURE: Dr Joan Walton

9 October 2018 11:00
Action Research: locating individual interests and issues within a wider social, cultural and political context

LECTURE: Nigel Fancourt

16 October 2018 11:00
Ethical quandaries in teacher research: a visual participatory study

LECTURE: Dr Michael Nazir Ali

23 October 2018 11:00
Religion and Ideology in Islam

LECTURE: Dr Michael Nazir Ali

30 October 2018 11:00
Issues in Muslim -Christian Dialogue

LECTURE: Dr Michelle Brown

6 November 2018 11:00
Social justice and the conversion of England to Christianity

LECTURE: Dr Thomas O’Loughlin

13 November 2018 11:00
Mission beyond the boundary of empire: why did Patrick return to preach in Ireland?

LECTURE: Dr Patricia Rumsey

20 November 2018 11:00
Peregrinatio pro Christi Amore pilgrimage/travelling/wandering for the love of Christ

LECTURE: Dr Paul Collins

27 November 2018 11:00
The royal house of Bamburgh and mission of Aidan and the monastery of Lindisfarne

LECTURE: Dr Michael Nazir Ali

4 December 2018 11:00
Sufism: Another face of Islam?

LECTURE: Michael Nazir Ali

11 December 2018 11:00
Mission and Muslims: continuity and discontinuity

LECTURE: Grant Lovejoy

12 February 2019 11:00
The Extent of Orality in Europe: Implications for Christian Mission

LECTURE: Stephen Stringer

19 February 2019 11:00
What can Speech learn from Writing: Exploring a Hermeneutics of Orality

LECTURE: Cameron Armstrong

26 February 2019 11:00
Orality Reality: Implications for Theological Education in Romania

LECTURE: Richard Haney

5 March 2019 11:00
The Ruthwell Cross Reconsidered: An Object Lesson in Material Art as a Bridge between Textual and Oral Messages

LECTURE: Norman Piatti

12 March 2019 11:00
Identity Perspectives of the Tibetan Diaspora in the Twin Cities

LECTURE: Paul Sydnor

19 March 2019 11:00
Re-imagining Identity Among Displaced People in Europe

LECTURE: Perry Shaw

26 March 2019 11:00

LECTURE: Nick Butoi

2 April 2019 11:00

LECTURE: Tim Keene

9 April 2019 11:00
The Bible and the Face of Mission: Reflections on 2 Corinthians 3

LECTURE: Christopher Wright

16 April 2019 11:00
What Story? Whose Mission? A Missional Hermeneutic and Integral Mission

LECTURE: John Goldingay

23 April 2019 11:00
Jeremiah Compares Notes with Daniel


30 April 2019 11:00
Missional Hermeneutics: trends, problems, and what the next decade will bring?

LECTURE: Thomas Harvey

7 May 2019 11:00
Back to the Future: Xi Jingping, ‘Sinicization’, Church, and Mission

LECTURE: Kwok Wai Luen

14 May 2019 11:00
Sinicization of Christianity and Religious Policy of Chinese Communist Party since 2012: A Political Theology Reflection

LECTURE: Chris Hancock

21 May 2019 11:00
Truth and "Sinicization"

LECTURE: Joanne Smith Finley

28 May 2019 11:00
Fear, Trauma and State Violation in Xinjiang, China: Impacts on Uyghur Communities in the Era of “De-extremification” and Mass Internment

LECTURE: Dave Bookless

4 June 2019 11:00
Is Mission only about People? The Bible, Biodiversity and the A Rocha story

LECTURE: Peter Harris

11 June 2019 11:00

LECTURE: Jen Brown

18 June 2019 11:00


25 June 2019 11:00
Embedding Research in the Literature – Theoretical Frameworks and your Research

LECTURE: Andrew Gosler

2 July 2019 11:00

LECTURE: David Singh

9 July 2019 11:00
What Examiners are telling us about Sound Theses


16 July 2019 11:00
Use of the VLE

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