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Thesis Abstracts

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A Band of Evangelists, Native and “Foreign”’
The Story of Japanese Initiatives in Indigenizing the Japan Evangelistic Band 1903-1940
Esther Maxton
PhD Middlesex University (2017)
A Comparative and Narrative Investigation into the Contribution of the Assemblies of God Church and Christian NGOs to Overcoming Obstacles to Female Education in Burkina Faso
Philippe Ouedraogo
PhD University of Wales (2010)
A Comparison of the Evangelical Movement in Russia in the 1920s and the 1990s
Alexander Yuchkovski
PhD (2014)
A Critical Examination of Michel Foucault’s Concept of Moral Self-Constitution in Dialogue with Charles Taylor
Gordon E. Carkner
PhD University of Wales (2006)
A Critical Study of Missiology of the Evangelical Christians and Baptists of Georgia and its relation to the Culture and Life of the Nation.
Malkhaz Songulashvili
PhD University of Wales (2013)
A History of Episcopal Church Mission in the Philippines from 1902 to 2008
An Evaluation of the Extent of the Influence of Brent’s Missionary Policy of ‘Not Building an Altar against another Altar’
Ben Ngaya-an
PhD Middlesex University (2016)
A Kind of Perseverance': Margaret Avison's Poetry as Christian Witness
Elizabeth Davey
PhD University of Wales (2010)
A Polanyian Tack
Political Implications
John Hess
PhD Middlesex University (2017)
A Study of Social Responsibility / Social Action in the Filipino-Pentecostal Context
Joseph Suico
PhD University of Wales (2003)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
A critical Appraisal of Christian Education in the Diocese of Yangon:
With a special focus on the contribution of U Tun (1995-2003)
Saw Maung Doe
PhD University of Wales (2009)
A critical study of the Oracles against the Transjordanian Kingdoms
David Anand Raj Sodadasi
PhD University of Wales (2012)
A holistic model of conflicts in a multicultural urban congregation in Britain
Towards a comprehensive and systematic approach
Guichun Jun
PhD Middlesex University (2016)
African Church Leadership in Kenya
A Critical Examination of African Leadership and Leadership Effectiveness among the Churches of Christ in Meru, Kenya
Stanley Granberg
PhD Open University (2000)
An Analysis of Gender Practice of Tamil Christian Women
With particular reference to women of Kodambakkam Church of South India Risen Redeemer’s Church in Chennai
Beulah Herbert
PhD Open University (2006)
An Analysis of the Religious and Socio-Political Work of the Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) in Southern Zaria, 1910-1954
Nanyak Goifa
MPhil University of Wales (2009)
An Assessment of Donor Funded Development Programmes of the Anglican Church of Tanzania in the Dodoma Region from 1986 to 2010
John Madinda
MPhil Middlesex University (2017)
An Examination Of Dysfunctional Behavior In Christian, Evangelical, Mission Organizations And Strategies For Managing The Consequences Of Dysfunctional Behavior
Robert Selden Barnard
PhD Open University (2004)
An Examination of Chris Argyris' model of learning in relation to its effectiveness in creating a cross cultural, team learning environment at University of the Nations leadership training school
Matthew Rawlins
PhD University of Wales (2001)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
An Examination of the Role of Northern Nigerian Christianity in Conflict Transformation and Peacemaking from 1990 to 2004
Ayuba Mavalla
PhD Middlesex University (2012)
Analysis of the theological content in the hymnody used by evangelicals in Mexico in relation to the Mexican religious context
Dinorah Mendez
PhD University of Wales (2005)
Anglican Mission and Liturgy in Kenya
An Analytical, Critical and Comparative Study of Anglican Mission in the Diocese of Nakuru and Mount Kenya East
Geoff Morgan
M.Phil. Open University (1997)
Approaches to Christianization among the Ewe People of Ghana
Delanyo Adadevoh
PhD Unversity of Leeds (2005)
Appropriate Development for Nomadic Pastoralists
A Study of the Waso Borana of Northern Kenya Illustrating the Value and Meaning of a Holistic Understanding of Development Amongst Nomadic Peoples.
Malcolm I. Hunter
PhD Open University (1997)
Aspiration towards the Appropriation of Seventh-day Adventism by the Massai in Tanzania as an effective means of conducting mission to an African people
Godwin Lekundayo
PhD University of Wales (2012)
Attachment and Abandonment; A study of factors contributing to or hindering the development of trust and functional family behaviour
Carol Boyd
PhD Middlesex University (2013)
Aurobindo’s Integralism: Study of Religion and the Hermeneutics of Tradition
Brainerd Prince
PhD Middlesex University (2013)
Beyond Faith and Reason
The Consequences of Alasdair MacIntyre's Conception of Tradition Constituted Rationality for Philosophy of Religion
Christian E. Early
PhD University of Wales (2001)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
C. S. Lewis and a Problem of Evil: an Investigation of a Pervasive Theme
Gerald R Root
PhD Open University (2004)
Charismatic Leadership in Korean Mega-Churches
Dynamism and Dilemma: The Nature of Charismatic Pastoral Leadership in the Korean Mega-Churches
Young-Gi Hong
PhD University of Wales (2000)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Christian Faith Based Organizations and Transformational Development in Togo, Benin and the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Jeanette Gaitou-Baas
PhD University of Wales (2012)
Christian Missionary Education in India
Education as a Missionary Tool: A Study in Christian Missionary Education by English Protestant Missionaries in India with Special Reference to Cultural Change
Jonathan C. Ingleby
PhD Open University (1998)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Christian Print Media in Central Kenya and their Coverage of Front-Page Political Events in the 1980s and 1990s
Beatrice Mbogoh
PhD University of Wales (2013)
Christian Zionism among Evangelicals in the Federal Republic of Germany
Wilrens Hornstra
PhD University of Wales (2007)
Christians and citizenship
A critical study of the contribution of ecumenical Protestants to the citizenship of Africans in Kenya from 1918 to 1982
Oliver Simiyu
PhD Middlesex Univerity (2016)
Christology in dialogue with Muslims
A critical analysis of Christian presentations of Christ for Muslims from the Ninth and Twentieth Centuries
Mark Beaumont
PhD Open University (2003)
Church and State
Theology and Continuity of Orthodox Religious Nationalism in Romania
Cristian Romocea
PhD University of Wales (2007)
Church as a Bulwark against Extremism
Development of Church State Relations in Kenya with particular reference to the years after political independence 1963-1992
Gideon Gichuhi Githega
PhD Open University (1997)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Church-planting in the British New Church Movement: A theological assessment of contemporary sources of ecclesiology
Barney Skrentny
PhD Middlesex University (2013)
Cohabitation: A Christian Response to Menage in Seychelles
French Chang-Him
MPhil University of Wales (2010)
Comparative Characterisations of Jesus and the Disciples in the Gospel of Mark
with Special Reference to Ancient Oral Narration
Laurence Gatawa
PhD Middlesex University (2017)
Conflict Reconciliation in South Africa (1990-1998) and its significance for the mediating role of the Church in Rwanda (1990-2003)
Samuel Cyuma
PhD University of Wales (2005)
Conflict and Collaboration: A Narrative History of Four Global Movements that have Shaped the Contemporary Missions Agenda (Lausanne Committee For World Evangelization, World Evangelical Alliance, A.D 2000 Movement, The International Fellowship Of Evangel
Doug Birdsall
PhD Middlesex University (2013)
Contemporary Christian Responses to Nyakyusa Rituals: Chiefs, pastors, and purification
Kenani Abraham Njela Mwasomola
MPhil University of Wales (2010)
Corruption, NGOs and Development in Plateau State, Nigeria
Josiah Choms
PhD University of Wales (2009)
Cross sectional Maasai Primigravidae Dietary Habit and Pregnancy Outcorne Study
Loitokitok, Kenya
Alemu Mammo
MPhil Open University (2000)
Culture and Christianity Negotiated in Hindu Society
A Case Study of a Church in Central and Western Nepal
Ole Kirchheiner
PhD Middlesex Univerity (2016)
Defending Divine Unity in the Muslim Milieu
The Trinitarian and Christological Formulations of Abū al-Faraj ‘Abd Allāh Ibn al-Ṭayyib and Iliyyā of Nisibis
Michael Kuhn
PhD Middlesex University (2016)
Deutero-Isaiah’s Oracles of Salvation: A Form-Critical Reinvestigation
Anthony Yin Fai Loke
PhD University of Wales (2010)
Developing an Eclectic Pedagogical Approach for Training Semi Literates to Teach Classes of Children
with Special Reference to Addis Ababa
Sharon Samson
PhD Open University (2001)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Dialogue, Argumentation, and Belief Revision
A study of apologetic conversations in West Cameroon
Gary Stephens
PhD Middlesex University (2016)
Diaspora Ethnicity and Politics in the Electronic Media:
Case studies of UK-based Zimbabwean internet websites and their associations
Adalbert Clayton Peel
PhD University of Wales (2009)
Dynamics of international mission in the Methodist Church Ghana
Kirk Sims
PhD Middlesex University (2016)
Economic Inequality, Corruption and the Christian Churches in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Martin Allaby
PhD University of Wales (2010)
Enhancing Organizational Communication Through Appreciative Inquiry
The Case of East African Union of the Seventh-day Adventist Church Kenya
Catherine Nyameino
PhD Middlesex University (2016)
Episcopal Leadership in the Angelican Church of Kenya: a critique
Stephen Mwangi
MPhil University of Wales (2007)
Ethnic Identity of Palestinian Arab Christian Adolescents in Israel
Salim J. Munayer
PhD University of Wales (2000)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Evangelical Church & Human Rights in Peru
A Critical Evaluation of the Theology of Mission of the National Evangelical Council of Perú (CONEP) from 1980 to 1992, with Special Reference to its Understanding and Practice of Human Rights
Dario Lopez
PhD Open University (1997)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Evangelical Mission in Cooperation with Catholics:
A study of Evangelical missiological tension
Paul Miller
PhD University of Wales (2010)
Executive Role Study
Investigating Expectation Enactment in the Role of the Chancellor of the University of the Nations-Kona
Gene Early
PhD Open University (1999)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Exegesis & Translation of Prepositional Phrases in the Greek New Testament
Pam Bendor Samuel
M.Phil. Open University (1996)
Extended Family in Spouse Selection
A critical study and theological evaluation of the patterns of Christian family life in India (especially in the churches of South India)
Peter S. C. Pothan
M.Phil. Open University (1992)
Faith-based Organizations and Evangelical Churches in Romania
An investigation of partnership in reference to children and youth in crisis between 1990 and 2004
William Prevette
PhD University of Wales (2008)
Forgiveness and Politics: A Critical Appraisal with a Study of Two Political Conflict Cases
Kethoser Kevichusa
PhD Middlesex University (2012)
From Beit Abhe to Angamali
: connections, functions and roles of the Church of the East's monasteries in ninth century Christian-Muslim relations
Steve Cochrane
PhD Middlesex University (2014)
From land to lands, from Eden to the renewed earth :
a Christ-centred Biblical theology of the Promised Land
Munther Isaac
PhD Middlesex University (2014)
Funerary Rites in Nepal: Cremation, Burial and Christian Identity
Bal Krishna Sharma
PhD University of Wales (2011)
Giriama Enculturation of World Faiths in Coastal Kenya
Ishmael Yaah Kahindi Baya
PhD University of Wales (2015)
God Has Not Left Himself Without Witness
A Critical Examination of the 'Fulfilment' Concept in the Christian Understanding of other Religions in Indian Christian Thought
Ivan Morris Satyavrata
PhD Open University (2001)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Grammar of death in the psalms with reference to verbs of motion
Daniel Berkovic
PhD Middlesex University (2016)
Kristian Angelov
PhD Univeristy of Wales (2012)
Impact of SPG Missions on the Dalits of Tirunelveli
A Critical and Comparative Study of the Relationship between Missionary Strategy, Dalit Consciousness and Socio-economic Transformation in the Missionary Work by SPG among the Nadar and Paraiya Communities of Tirunelveli District between 1830 and 1930
Samuel Jayakumar
PhD Open University (1998)
Impacts of Congregation-based HIV/AIDS Programmes In Lusaka, Zambia
How Abstinence and Marital Fidelity Efforts Function In Overall Strategies
Joshua Banda
PhD Middlesex University (2017)
Incarnational Reality as an Approach to Missional Theological Education and Training
Lesley Anne Leighton
PhD Middlesex University (2016)
Individual Power in Organizations
David E. Swarr
PhD University of Wales (2006)
Integral mission in contemporary perspective :
exploring an appropriate model of mission for the Pentecostal churches with special reference to Honduras
Miguel Alvarez
PhD Middlesex University (2013)
Involvement of the Church of Pakistan in Development
Pervaiz Sultan
PhD Open University (1997)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Jesus' Revelation of His Father:
A Narrative Conceptual Study of the Trinity with Special Reference to Karl Barth
Damon Wai Kwan So
PhD University of Wales (2003)
Korean Presbyterianism and Social Work
A Critical Analysis of the Social Work of Four Presbyterian Denominations
Moo Youl Choi
PhD University of Wales (1996)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Leadership in a Bangkok slum
An Ethnography of Thai Urban Poor in the Lang Wat Pathum Wanaram Community
Alan R. Johnson
PhD University of Wales (2006)
Literary Aesthetics and Bible Translation
with special reference to Translation of the Book of Genesis into the Sango Language
David Koudougueret
PhD Leiden University (2000)
Liturgical inculturation in Anglican worship in light of the spirituality of the indigenous people of Sabah, Malaysia
Judy Berinai
PhD Middlesex University (2013)
Luo Women's Negotiation of Mission Education
A critical analysis of Anglican Women in Nyanza Kenya, from 1895
Emily A. Onyango
PhD University of Wales (2006)
Mapping mission as translation with reference to Michael Polanyi's heuristic philosophy
Richard Haney
PhD Middlesex University (2013)
Micro-Finance Impact Assessment and Methodology
Evidence from a Christian Development Programme in Honduras
Kenneth D Vander Weele
PhD Open University (2004)
Ministerial Formation in the Church of Uganda: With special reference to the Greater Kigezi Area, 1961 to 2004
Samuel Mfitumukiza
MPhil Open University (2008)
Mission Studies in Theological Education
A Critical Analysis of Mission Training in Evangelical Bible College and Seminaries in Germany and German-speaking Switzerland
Bernhard Ott
PhD Open University (1999)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Mission and Moratorium in Africa
The issues underlying the proposal for a missionary moratorium, and the implications of its failure for the future of mission/church relationships in Africa. (With special reference to English—Speaking Africa.)
Eugeniah Ombwayo Adoyo
M.Phil. Open University (1990)
Mission from the Margin:
A critical analysis of the participation of West Indians as agents of Christian mission in the western missionary enterprise in Africa in the nineteenth century, with special reference to their conception of Christian mission’
Las Newman
PhD University of Wales (2007)
Missionary Encounters in Nineteenth-Century Bombay:
The life, work, and theology of John Wilson in critical perspective
Rueben Louis Gabriel
PhD University of Wales (2009)
Negotiating Pakhto
Proverbs, Islam and the Construction of Identity among Pashtuns
Leonard N. Bartlotti
PhD University of Wales (2000)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Negotiating Tensions between Christian Faith and Chinese National Identity
Theological representatives of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and the Independent House Church Movement
Lu Chen
PhD University of Wales (2007)
Neo-Pentecostal Churches in Guatemala:
With special reference to their presence and social role 1976-2006
Israel Ortiz
PhD University of Wales (2008)
Odwira and the Gospel
An Exploratory Study of the Asante Odwira Festival and Its Significance to Christianity in Ghana
Frank Adams
PhD University of Wales (2003)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Patriarchal Religion as Portrayed in Genesis 12-50
Comparison with Ancient Near Eastern and Later Israelite Religions
Augustine Pagolo
PhD Open University (1996)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Pentecostal Theology of Social Concern in Central America
Douglas Peter Petersen
PhD Open University (1995)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Portraits of Luyia Contemporary Worldviews: Gender, Sexuality, Death and Afterlife’
Timothy Wambunya
PhD University of Wales (2011)
Poverty challenges and solutions for the new millennium :
a case study approach to examining the effectiveness of Christian Faith-Based Organizations (CFBOs) in their efforts to eradicate poverty in urban and rural Kenya
Reginald Nalugala
PhD Middlesex University (2014)
Re-reading the Gospel of Luke Today
From a First Century Urban Writing Site to a Twentieth Century Urban Reading Site
Andrew Curtis
PhD Open University (1999)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Reformed theology in early modern Belarus and Lithuania :
Andrzej Wolan's De Libertate, 1572
Bruce Anderson
PhD Middlesex University (2015)
Relation between Christianity and Khasi-Jaintia Culture 1899-1969
A Study of the Relation between Christianity and Khasi-Jaintia Culture, 1899 - 1969 with particular reference to the Theology and Practice of the Khasi-Jaintia Presbyterian Church
Ladder Mylliemngap
PhD University of Wales (1998)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Responding to the voices of poor people through microfinance in Sub-Saharan Africa
an Action Research Study in Zimbabwe and Zambia
Irene Mutalima
PhD Middlesex University (2016)
Resurrection of the Chinese Protestant Church in the Post-Mao Period
Chinese Communist Party Religious Policy. Its Implementation and Grass-Roots Response
Anthony P. B. Lambert
M.Phil. Open University (1989)
Role of Caste in Prostitution
Culture and Violence in the Life Histories of Prostitutes in India
Mary Rita Rozario
M.Phil. Open University (1998)
Sainthood and Revelatory Discourse
David Emmanuel Singh
PhD University of Wales (2002)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Socio-Religious Values and Participation
A Comparative Study of the Processes of Value-Change in Three Rural Javanese Hamlets and their Relationship to People's Participation in Development
Bambang Budijanto
PhD University of Wales (1997)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Some Evangelical Missionaries’ understanding of Negro character in Jamaica, 1834-1870
With particular reference to selected Baptist missionaries
Cawlet St. Clair Bolt
PhD University of Wales (2006)
Sundanese Lifecycle Rituals and the Status of Women in Indonesia
Linda Lentz
PhD University of Wales (2011)
Sustainability of Financial Services Provision for the Poor
The Case of Kenya
Anne Kesterton
M.Phil. Open University (1995)
The Aimara Identity of Neopentecostals in Urban La Paz, Bolivia, with specific reference to the Power of God Church’
Marcelo Vargas
PhD University of Wales (2010)
The Borneo Evangelical Mission (BEM) and the Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) 1928-1979
A Study of the Planting and Development of an Indigenous Church
Jin Huat Tan
PhD University of Wales (2008)
The Development of Authentic African Models of Pastoral Care
A study of Christian ministry among the Basoga of Uganda
Patrick John Magumba
PhD University of Leeds (2003)
The Earth’s Future: Narrative, Gospel, Mission
A Theological Projection through the Canon of the Christian Scriptures
Graham Chipps
PhD Middlesex University (2016)
The Emergence of Christ Groups in India: The case of Karnataka State’
Sahebjan Borgall
PhD University of Wales (2009)
The Influence of Christian Microfinance on the Welfare of Rural Households in Masindi, Mbarara, and Rakai Districts of Uganda
Ephraim Gensi
MPhil University of Wales (2011)
The Levirate Custom of Inheriting Widows among the Supyire People of Mali: Theological pointers for Christian marriage
Michael Jemphrey
PhD University of Wales (2012)
The Qatal//Yiqtol (Yiqtol//Qatal) Verbal Sequence in Couplets in the Hebrew Psalter with Special Reference to Ugaritic Poetry
A Case Study in Systemic Functional Grammar
Silviu Tatu
PhD University of Wales (2006)
The Reception in Transylvania of Karl Barth’s Theology of the Word
József Kovács
PhD Open University (2006)
The Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Love as ‘choice to will the highest good’ using the Transformational Leadership Questionnaire
Mary Miller
PhD University of Wales (2005)
The Resurrection of Jesus in the Gospel of Peter:A tradition-historical study of the Akhmîm Gospel Fragment
Jeremy Johnston
PhD Middlesex University (2013)
The Role of Forgiveness in the Reintegration of Child Soldiers
Stephanie Goins
PhD University of Wales (2008)
The Role of the Laity in the Church:
Issues in current lay training in the Church of God among the Gusii of Western Kenya
Nelson Obwoge
MPhil University of Wales (2008)
The Roman Catholic Church and Girls’ and Women’s Education in South-western Zimbabwe 1887-1965
Barbara Mahamba
PhD University of Wales (2012)
The Social Significance of Reconciliation in Paul's Theology
With Particular Reference to the Romanian Context
Corneliu Constantineanu
PhD University of Leeds (2006)
The Tibetan Diaspora and the Politics of Belonging in the Twin Cities
Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Norman Piatti
PhD Middlesex University (2017)
The glory of God is humanity fully alive :
exploring Eastern Orthodoxy as a resource for human development in conversation with the capability approach
Dana Bates
PhD Middlesex University (2013)
Theological Contextualisation of the Concept of God in Korea
Naming the Christian God in Korean Religious Culture
Sung-Wook Hong
PhD University of Wales (1997)
Theological Contextualisation with special reference to Hispanic Americans
An interdisciplinary Approach
Daniel R. Sanchez
PhD Open University (1991)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Third-Wave Missionary Leaders in Contemporary Yakland
An Analysis of Six Malfeasance and Leadership Formation Cases Using a Maturity-Support Approach
Philip Poh
PhD MIddlesex University (2017)
Three Seasons of Charismatic Leadership
A Literary Critical and Theological Interpretation of the Narrative of Saul, David and Solomon
Tamas Czovek
PhD University of Wales (2002)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Towards Environmental Sustainability in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
A Theological Framework for Broader Involvement of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria
George Kalu
PhD Middlesex University (2017)
Towards a Christian Model of Religions: Yuan Zhiming as a case study in Fulfillment Theology
David Marshall
PhD University of Wales (2012)
Towards a Theology of Mission in the United States, with special reference to Lesslie Newbigin and Lamin Sanneh
Robert Paul
PhD University of Wales (2010)
Unbreakable Bones
Christian Mission and the Resilience of Temi Culture
Klaus-Peter Derungs
PhD Middlesex University (2017)
World View and International Development
A Critical Study of the Idea of Progress in the Development Work of World Vision Tanzania
Richard Boyd Johnson
PhD Open University (1999)
World Views in Transition
A study of the contours of world views of Christian communities in Eastern Indonesia with particular reference to the Christian Church of Luwuk-Banggai
Coralie Field Joyce
PhD Open University (1995)
The full text of this thesis is available from the British Library:
Worship and Christian Identity in Uganda:
A Study of the Contextualization of Worship in the Anglican, Roman Catholic and Independent Churches in the West Nile and Kampala areas of Uganda
Joel Obetia
PhD University of Leeds (2008)
Youth Ministry in Russia: a case study of two Youth For Christ camps
John Gerig
PhD University of Wales (2011)

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